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Introducing Joseph Pip – a superior meals delivery service


At When They Get Older we wanted to do something that can change lives for the better. That’s why we’ve launched a new home delivery frozen ready-meals service that people can actually enjoy every day. It’s called Joseph Pip.

There’s a massive drive right now towards enabling people to continue living independently at home even as they start to find some activities harder or develop difficult challenges such as dementia.

But there’s more to being independent than simply getting by. We want to enable people to live well and continue to enjoy life at a pace that’s right for them.

A major part of that enjoyment should come from sitting down to a good meal, even if it’s a meal that comes in a box with instructions. Too often though ready meals are unappetising, high in additives and unsurprisingly get a pretty bad press.

At When They Get Older we have relatives who no longer cook or have suddenly been faced with preparing their own meals for the first time. Many have simply refused to contemplate delivered or supermarket meals that they believed would be inferior versions of the foods they love. That meant they just stopped eating well.

We wanted to do something about that.

What would our customers want?

We recognise that it’s ridiculous to address a homogenous mass of “older people”. It’s recently been confirmed that people age physically and mentally at highly varying speeds compared to their chronological age. One person’s 65 is another person’s 80 and their needs are different. Some might have trouble with their teeth and others will love a good crunch.

And of course people have a wide range of tastes. That doesn’t change with age, although palates often do, and food can often get blander just at a time when people would actually appreciate stronger and finer tastes.

With all that in mind we set out to design a menu from scratch that would be enjoyed and valued rather than simply fill a hungry gap.

What were our goals?

First, we wanted our meals to be something to be anticipated. We know that meal times play an increasingly large part in the lives of people who are no longer as active as they were and perhaps mark use mealtimes to mark the passing of the day.

We wanted our meals to be easy to cook. For some of our customers it might simply be that they don’t want to prepare and cook their own meals every day of the week, so our ready meals would be easy to cook at the end of a busy day. For others it might be that they are dependent on a carer to cook their meal, so speed would be of the essence to free the carer to help in other ways during their visit.

That desire for ease of cooking led us to further thinking about what goes into a complete main meal. We didn’t want to say we’d provide the main course but customers would have to see about their own veg and maybe potatoes and rice too. So we’ve designed our meals to cleverly build everything you need into one dish. Our Shepherd’s Pie, for example, has a leek and potato topping, while our vegetarian butternut squash dish includes a goat’s cheese and oat crumble as well as added tomato.

By combining all our ingredients in one dish we could be sure of getting the nutrition spot on too. We aim to ensure our customers get a range of protein, carbs and vegetables in every dish to provide a balanced meal.

What we didn’t want to do was encourage people to think that these meals are for special occasions only. Joseph Pip meals can be a treat any day of the week.

So why the name Joseph Pip?

In planning our menus we did rather wallow in nostalgia. What were the meals that we used to eat at home that our parents cooked for us and everyone shared around the table?


That naturally led on to a name that was reminiscent of our childhoods. We threw the names of our parents, grandparents and even childhood homes into the ring, and Joseph Pip emerged as the victor. And our logo? Well, we just want to raise a smile. We’re all about happiness and contentment.

What are we offering?

We’re delivering nationally throughout England, Wles and Scotland so if you know friends or family who would benefit from great-tasting frozen meals that can be enjoyed everyday, do take a look.

Pop over to the Joseph Pip website and you’ll find a range of traditional and adventurous meals that you can order online or by phone.

We’ll deliver the meals frozen to the address of your choice, so they can easily be popped in the freezer and cooked in minutes whenever they’re needed.

And we welcome your feedback so drop Joseph Pip an email or give us a call to let us know how the meals went down.

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