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How do I get back the happy memories taken by dementia?

... Trenner is an Ageing Parent specialist with extensive qualifications and experience in life coaching. Lesley provides one-to-one help for people who are struggling to balance work and care, or cope with mid-life, family and career challenges. Sessions are available face-to-face (London) or on the ...

Shall I invite Dad to live with us?

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Will I inherit mum's Alzheimer's?

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I am ham. Or jam

... step-people who might be in need of help. It's going to be absolutely vital for our sanity and family harmony that we get some balance in here, and quickly. However much we feel we love, respect and owe our parents, if we over-commit to helping ...

Does my aunt need to be in a care home or not?

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Introducing Joseph Pip – a superior meals delivery service

... spot on too. We aim to ensure our customers get a range of protein, carbs and vegetables in every dish to provide a balanced meal. What we didn't want to do was encourage people to think that these meals are for special occasions only. Joseph Pip ...

Wills and Probate – why are they so important?

... the Inheritance Tax returns, Final Personal Income and Capital Gains Tax returns Paying any debts and/ or charges against the estate Distributing the balance remaining in accordance with the Will of the deceased or Rules of Intestacy. The legalities surrounding Probate can be confusing and unsavoury to ...

Do meals on wheels actually mean tea and company?

... daily routine. For customers surviving on pensions, meals delivery is a good option as the portion sizes are decent and the meals nutritionally balanced. The fact that they're delivered hot also helps those who are unable to cook as they'll receive a proper meal daily. I'd ...

Who takes responsibility when it's a more distant relative who needs help?

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How can retailers become truly dementia-friendly?

... in January 2016. Read advice from people who have experienced caring for those living with dementia in articles on When They Get Older: Balancing dementia care with a full-time career Enjoying the great outdoors with a family member with dementia Tips on making life easier for people living ...