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About us

We’ve created When They Get Older to meet a very clear and growing need. We recognise that there are an increasing number of people, just like us, who are having to squeeze in time to support ageing and elderly parents as well as run their professional lives and their families. We want to help.

What this site does for you

We want this to be a really useful and independent site for anyone with ageing and elderly family and friends. We’ll provide information and insights that you can trust, and we’ll direct you to sources where you can find more detail on any topic we discuss. We don’t believe in simply regurgitating what’s already available elsewhere. We’ll investigate topics and we’ll wrap our findings in the experiences and advice of people who have already trodden the path. And we’ll always focus on you, the child of ageing parents, and your needs.

We’re not content to publish and sit back. From this beginning we’ll continue to listen, research and inform on a growing range of topics around supporting elderly parents and other friends and family. We want this site to be your first port of call whenever you meet a new challenge.

Why When They Get Older?

Nobody’s old at 64 anymore, but the words of the Beatles song do reflect something of what we want to be about. We’re exploring questions about the unknown, caring and sharing, and talking about difficult subjects with honesty and humour.

Sandra Bullen

“Two years ago my mother-in-law had a stroke and was taken to hospital. When she was ready to come home she couldn’t continue her independent life. Overnight we had to work out what on earth we were going to do; from organising her cooking to her showering to her house work. You name it we had to sort it out. We could do so much but we both have demanding full time jobs. It was at this point I realised that I wanted to start a community for people in similar situations - a hub of knowledge for the children of ageing parents. And so the idea for When They Get Older was born."

"When They Get Older is an opportunity to bring together my dual passions of marketing and social enterprise. I want When They Get Older to be a public service that makes a difference and helps make people’s lives easier."

Sandra Bullen has been creating brands and delivering marketing and design solutions to organisations for more than 20 years. At When They Get Older Sandra concentrates on making sure we are producing material that is really helpful and that people hear about us!

Kathy Lawrence

“Everybody that I talk to about When They Get Older has a story to tell. So many of my friends and acquaintances have ageing parents and are finding the going really tough. As a daughter of parents who have faced physical and mental challenges in the last few years, including dementia, I’ve struggled to balance desperately wanting to help with the needs of my own family and the demands of my work. It’s hard when you’re self-employed and need to work to be paid."

“We’ve built this site to help people like us know that there are plenty of other people like us out there, and that we don’t have to feel like we’re pioneers, venturing by ourselves into previously uncharted territory. Together I hope that we can pool our knowledge, bend each others’ ears, and even smile together occasionally."

Kathy Lawrence is a trained journalist and has been copywriting for businesses for over 20 years. Kathy is in charge of all the content that we create on When They Get Older - and she writes some too.

Russell Rodgers

“My parents are in their mid-seventies and I am in the fortunate position of seeing them still embracing life and adapting as they travel along life’s journey. I have however experienced the difficulties that my partner has experienced with the debilitating disease Alzheimer’s/dementia that her mother suffered. There is no cure."

“This is a time when family really need support and someone to talk to, who they can share their experiences with and can provide them with some idea of what they can expect to see in their loved one’s final years, months and eventually their final days. Having experienced this first hand and been there for their final moments in this world, I hope that I can offer someone some support, as this is something that we never had at the time we lost our loved one.”

Russell Rodgers works on SEO and all things statistical at When They Get Older.

Jacquie Rollett

“With four active children and two adventurous, retired, healthy parents I know that the investment in reciprocal relationships between members of my extended family is very important.

“During my time in management in retail and IT, I recognised that colleagues often needed a shoulder and a sounding board as they considered how to address the challenges of juggling busy lives. These often included supporting their own partners and children together with sensitivity in dealing with broader family responsibilities, often involving parents. I know there is a need for a place to communicate and share the combination of seemingly simple and trivial issues that quite unexpectedly escalate to become life changing. That’s what When They Get Older is all about.”

Jacquie Rollett keeps us all on track at When They Get Older. She’s also a genius at helping us get our message out.